I live in a small fishing port called Greencastle located on the shores of Loch Foyle north of Donegal. I have always lived there and I have been a fisherman for 17 years. I patronize an 8-meter boat where I fish for everything Loch Foyle can offer, namely flat oysters, green crabs and whelks.

By happy coincidence, I came into contact with Patrice a few years ago and since that day Mhara Fad, my company, has prospered. I had always been able to fish for premium products but my market was limited. In recent years, this has changed because I continue fishing, but it is Van Ze Marée who deals with finding market solutions at the best price.

One day, Patrice used a powerful phrase that echoed in me: “you take care of fishing and I will take care of selling”. Thanks to that, I have only to focus on the most important part : fishing.                                       

Robert Mc Kinley