I live in County Down in Northern Ireland, on the north coast of Loch de Carlingford, nestled between the Mournes Massif and the Cooley Mountains.

As I grew up near the sea and spent summers swimming and playing in the natural pools, the opportunity has always existed, for me, to work in the field of seafood. I started as a collector of winkles during my youth, then I practiced fishing, worked in the transformation to finally take care of the supplies.
Currently, I grow oysters on our family farm. Cahir Linn Oysters is located on the shores of Loch de Carlingford and was created 3 years ago.
We have traded with Van Ze Tide since the start. I feel happy to have known Patrice when he was working in Ireland a few years ago. His knowledge, integrity and passion for the seafood industry make Van Ze Maree an excellent partner to meet all our needs.                      

John Doran